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Arosoftware Integration
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Check ins

Arosoftware will automatically add new contacts and update existing contacts for new check ins. They will also create an inspection attendance for the relevant listing and OFI time. 

Contacts will be matched to existing contacts in Arosoftware via a combination of name, email address and phone number. 

If the contact is not in your Arosoftware account the contact will be assigned to listing agent. If it's an existing contact, the contact will go to contact owner and link the primary agent to contact. 

Inspection Notes

Inspection notes are recorded against the contact and listing.

If the agent turns on the “Visible to Vendor” toggle on the note when entering it in Homepass the note will appear in the Arosoftware Vendor Report. The agent can also opt to hide or show notes on vendor reports when generating a vendor report as well.

Contact Notes

Contact notes are recorded against the contact and are visible to any users that have view or edit access to that contact.

Send Documents

If you send a document to a contact in Homepass, Arosoftware will save this against the contact and listing as a “Communication”.

Further Help

You can contact the Arosoftware support team via

If you need further assistance, our support team is here to help!

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