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How can I manage bookings for my inspections?
How can I manage bookings for my inspections?
Written by Sarah Smith
Updated over a week ago

Homepass Bookings is a streamlined pre-registration experience for your open homes.

This feature requires your Homepass account to be integrated with Domain. If this is not you, or you are unsure, please contact our support team here to help!

The Visitor Experience

With Homepass Bookings enabled, your Domain and Allhomes listings get their own 'Book Inspection' button – giving your visitors a simple way to pre-register their attendance or request an alternative time.

Customers with a booking will receive reminders leading up to the inspection, and can always change or cancel their booking, to help minimise no-shows.

At Your Open Home

You'll need to be on the latest version of Homepass for iOS or Android.

Simply use the check-in feature as you normally do! You'll see a list of pre-registered visitors for a 1-tap check-in.

Bookings Management

You can view all bookings from the 'Events' section on each place.

Any new 'Event Requests' can be Accepted or Declined with a tap.

All of your pre-registered visitors are listed under 'Bookings' (in your Open Home events).

Ready to get started?

Go to Settings, tap your team, and select Bookings.

Here, you can tap on Enable Bookings allowing customers to book into your already scheduled open homes. 

Allow Requests lets customers 'request an appointment' if the published open homes aren't suitable for them. You can also control which days/times are available for customer requests. 

If you need further assistance, our support team is here to help!

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