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How do I manage membership for my places?
How do I manage membership for my places?
Written by Sarah Smith
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In Homepass, places have members – these are the people who can access each place's data (like check-ins). 

If you're a member of a place, that place will also appear at the top of your places list so it's easier to find in the future.

Generally, the members of each place will be the listing agents and their assistants, but you can configure this however you'd like.

Becoming a member

When you're viewing a place that you're not a member of, you'll get a screen like this. You can simply tap the blue button to join.

You'll either become a member immediately, or another member will have to approve you – this depends on the visibility of the listing (see below).

Managing members

You can tap the 3 dots on a place to view members. Here, you can Add Members. You can also swipe on a member to remove their access.

If you have outstanding membership requests, you can also view and approve these here – just tap on Membership Requests. This will be hidden if you don't have any outstanding requests.

All existing members can add or remove other members.


Visibility controls how your teammates become members. To view or change a place's visibility, tap the info button to view the Details page. Here, tap Settings then Visibility.

If a place is open, anyone in your team can become a member without approval.

If a place is private, existing members need to approve new members.

If a place is secret, your team won't be able to find it in the first place – so they can't join or request to join. Existing members will need to add new members.

Please note that Private and Secret settings are only available to Homepass Standard subscribers. 

Common questions

I'm an account admin, do I need to join each place? 

Nope! If you're an admin and just want an overview of check-ins, you can enable full-access mode via your team's Configuration settings. This means you'll be able to see all places and contacts without becoming a member of each.

Can I change the visibility for all my places at once? 

If you're an account admin, you can set the default visibility for new places via your team's Configuration settings. 

Members of a place can always adjust the visibility of their places on a one-by-one basis.

If you need further assistance, our support team is here to help!

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