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Can I make my Homepass account private?
Can I make my Homepass account private?
Written by Sarah Smith
Updated over a week ago

There are settings in Homepass to control which contacts your team members have access to.

Each place has membership settings, which control who can see contacts checked in to that place.

In addition to this, Contacts Visibility is an account-wide setting that controls which contacts your team will see in the Contacts tab, and also which matching contacts are shown during check-in.

To adjust this setting, head to your Team settings and select Configuration.

Here, you can adjust Contacts Visibility.

You must be an account administrator to change this setting.

If your Contacts Visibility is Open, team members will have access to all contacts.

If your Contacts Visibility is Closed, team members will only see contacts that have been checked into places they're a member of. This is often called a "private" account configuration.

It is important to note that this setting only controls what is visible in Homepass. Contact visibility/permissions in your CRM are dependant on your CRM settings.

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