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How can I keep my vendor in the loop?
How can I keep my vendor in the loop?
Written by Sarah Smith
Updated over a week ago

It's simple to keep your vendor informed and engaged when you're using Homepass. The Vendor Snapshot is a live report of property activity, with sensitive contact details hidden.


The Vendor Snapshot can be automatically sent to your vendor via SMS at the end of each inspection. 

To enable this, simply head to Place Details, and then scroll down to Vendors.

Here, you can Add Vendor, and choose the option to Auto-Share Vendor Snapshot.

Your vendor will receive an SMS at the end of each scheduled inspection, with a link to view the Vendor Snapshot.

Manual Send

If you'd prefer, you can also manually share the Vendor Snapshot. Head to Place Details and then Reports

Here you can select the Vendor Snapshot, and tap Share to send it however you'd like.

This feature is currently only available to Homepass Standard subscribers.

If you need further assistance, our support team is here to help!

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