Homepass now support online inspections, you can now initiate and run an online inspection straight from the app. This means a seamless video walk through of the property for you and your attendee requiring no additional software downloads or account registration. The online inspection experience will run from your default browser.

To begin the inspection navigate to the places screen for the property you'd like to run an online inspection for. 

From here you can initiate a live stream by first sharing a link with your attendee and then choosing continue.

The live stream will open in your default browser - click join to enter and begin chatting with the attendee.

The attendee will first see a welcome screen and then be asked to register for the inspection. This will appear as a check in on the property within the app.

This feature is in early stages, we want to make it easy for you to continue to interact and grow relationships with potential buyers. We would love to hear your feedback and understand how we could expand the online experience to support the way you are now running inspections.

As always, we're here to help! Message us if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback about online inspections.

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