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Rex Integration
Written by Sarah Smith
Updated over a week ago

Check ins

Rex will automatically sync Visitors/Contacts in Homepass as Contacts.

If your Contact has already been synced with Rex, Rex will simply link the two Contact records.

If your Contact hasn't been synced before, but you have a Contact in Rex with a matching email address or phone number (from a previous manual entry, for example), Rex will link the Contacts.

Otherwise, Rex will simply create a new Contact. These Contacts will be owned by the user who added the Visitor in Homepass. If another agent then edits the Contact in Homepass – or adds a note – they'll be given update rights to the Contact in Rex.


Inspection Notes in Homepass are equivalent to feedback entries in Rex.

When an Inspection Note is synced with Rex, the following occurs:

  1. Contact is found (or created if required)

  2. Feedback entry is determined to be an open home entry or a private inspection and then added if required

  3. Feedback entry is updated, contact is marked as an attendee and note added (the behaviour of this is slightly different depending on whether this is a private inspection or open home entry)

Notes attached to a contact only (not a property) will sync to Rex as a note.

If you need further assistance, our support team is here to help!

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