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How can I set up check-in with QR codes?
How can I set up check-in with QR codes?
Written by Sarah Smith
Updated over a week ago

Provide your attendees with an easy, contact-free way to check in this weekend! Try out QR codes as an efficient, seamless alternative to the traditional check-in. After a quick scan of the code, your attendees can fill in our online check-in form and show you their successful check-in. We'll also make sure from this screen that they have easy access to click through to the brochure if they want to check any details.

You can access and display QR codes on your phone or iPad from the app or print them out ahead of time.

To quickly get to a QR code in real-time during your inspection either use the handy toggle from the usual check-in screen or alternately our quick link menu from the spaces screen.

To print out a QR code to use at your inspection you can use the share function on the QR code screen. From here you will be able to send it to a printer connected to your phone or forward on as an email to print back at the office.

You can also print out a QR code from the web app at any time by following the steps below:

Places > Click on Listing > Tap the 3 dots above the listing address > Click download QR codes

We love hearing your feedback! Please reach out to our friendly support team if you would like to share any improvements you think we could make to QR codes.

If you need further assistance, our support team is here to help!

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