This feature is currently being tested by a pilot group of users, if you would like to try it out and let us know what you think please contact our friendly support team at .

Get your buyers in the (virtual) door this weekend by streaming your inspections!

This means a seamless video walk through of the property for you and your attendee with no extra software downloads or account registration. The online inspection will run from your phone and all your attendees check ins will feed in directly to your Homepass app.

To begin first get the joining link to send to your attendees by navigating to the places screen for the property you'd like to run an online inspection for.

When you're ready to begin your stream again just navigate back to the places screen and click to begin the live stream.

Your buyers will be asked to give their name, phone number and email address before they can join the stream.

Buyers will only see the number of attendees in the stream, their details will be kept private. They can type questions to you as you showcase the property, a copy of all questions will be sent to you via email directly after the inspection finishes.


One of my buyers is joining from a mobile and can’t see any video, the screen is just black, what do I do?

Buyers joining the stream from their mobile need to use the native browser ie if you are using an iPhone join using Safari.

One of my buyers is joining and can only see a black screen - what do they do?

Buyers joining the stream from certain browsers will need to press play for the stream to begin.

My buyers are saying the “register” button to join the stream is not active - what do they do?

The button will become active when you join the meeting and begin streaming.

Can I get a recording of the stream after it’s finished?

No, not currently. This feature is still in pilot and your feedback will help us to shape what we look to build out next. If you would like to record the session we recommend joining from a laptop as an attendee and recording your screen from there.

Tips for success

  1. Be prepared - practice a run through with a friend or colleague

  2. Set expectations - let your attendees know ahead of time that the stream no one else except you will be able to see their names or the questions they are asking

  3. Read the FAQ’s before you run your first stream

  4. Promote and announce timings of an inspection well in advance on social media or via SMS and email to your database

  5. Use this as an opportunity to showcase, build your brand and stand out from the crowd

  6. Ensure you have a strong 4G or wifi connection throughout the property

This feature is in early stages, we want to make it easy for you to continue to interact and grow relationships with potential buyers. We would love to hear your feedback and understand how we could expand the online experience to support the way you are now running inspections.

As always, we're here to help! Message us if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback about online inspections.

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