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The upgraded Mobile Brochure experience
The upgraded Mobile Brochure experience

Find out more about the upgraded mobile brochure experience.

Written by Junaid Rehman
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Impress inspection attendees with the new SMS mobile brochure, offering instant access to documents and key resources, to help facilitate the next steps in their property journey.

How does it work? If the Welcome SMS has been enabled for your office account, once an attendee has checked in to a property via Homepass, they will receive an SMS with a link to the new Mobile Brochure.

If you have not enabled the Welcome SMS for your office account, you can find out how here.

Note: This feature is currently being rolled out to Homepass users. Once your account has been enabled you will receive a message via email and in-app from us.

The new mobile experience delivers value to Agents

  • Offer a branded post-inspection experience*, with a refreshed look & feel after check-in or on demand.

  • Allow buyers to download relevant documents (e.g. contract of sale) and thus, save time & reduce admin tasks

  • Generate vendor leads* - allow inspection attendees who are looking to sell to reach out for a free appraisal

  • Potentially identify high-intent buyers with activity insights within the Homepass app

    *Access to this feature requires the office to have a paid Homepass subscription. These features are unavailable on Homepass Lite subscriptions.

How to enable or preview the mobile brochure?

  • You don't need to do anything to get access to the upgraded Mobile Brochure, simply upload relevant documents for the listing from your Homepass account, and away you go.

  • To preview the mobile Brochure, simply navigate to the Listing Page in the Homepass app, select View Details, and tap Preview

Let's explore how the Mobile Brochure works

Once an attendee has checked in to a property via Homepass, they will receive an SMS with a link to the new Mobile Brochure (how to enable the Welcome SMS Brochure).

  1. The attendee checks-In to the property with Homepass via the below channels;

    1. Agent Checkin (manual)

    2. QR Code Checkin

    3. Kiosk Checkin

  2. After the attendee has checked in, the inspection attendee will receive a Welcome SMS with a link to the Mobile Brochure.

What is available in the new Mobile Brochure

Branded Experience

Give your clients a branded post-inspection experience

Self Serve Documents

Allows your inspection attendees to download key documents (the ones you want to make available to them) on their own

Generate Vendor Leads

Perhaps the buyer is also a seller? They could request a free appraisal via the Mobile Brochure.

Building & Pest Reports

Allows your inspection attendees to buy Building & pest reports through Before You Bid**

Find out about Finance

Provide your inspection attendees a link to apply for pre-approval or get financial advice via Domain Home Loan.

Agent Insights

View buyer actions via the Homepass app to potentially identify high-intent buyers and to guide post-inspection conversations.

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